We’re Fun & Feisty! No Apologies xoxo

About Us

Launched in 2015, Kerkés fashion was born from a desire to bring creative & unique off-the-runway fashion to you without breaking the bank. Whether your style is fierce or feminine, fun or feisty, or anything in between, we provide a stage for women to find their own style. Our mission is to empower every woman in the world to be your confident, unique self.


Our Products

Our apparels are influenced by global trends around the world, such as the various fashion shows year-round, our designer peers, street style, and anything that really catches our eye. Our outfits are designed to arm the new-age woman with the couture they need for all aspects in their life. We aim to bring new styles to you every week, bringing the modern woman on the move the latest trends, ranging from everyday-wear staples to the ultimate fashion statements.


The Visionary
Kerkés was founded by Mrs. Dimaira Chawla (Namrata Bhavnani). Her love for fashion led her to begin Kerkés with just a website and an Instagram page, and through these channels, she began retailing fashion and accessories that caught her eye tailored to her clients’ demands. Sticking true to her vision of bringing fast casual fashion to consumers worldwide, Kerkés today is loved by fashion influencers around the world.